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Pumpkin Sleeve

Pumpkin Sleeve

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Our Pumpkin 3D Tumbler Sleeve offers an innovative way to transform your stainless steel tumbler into a festive pumpkin shape, blending artistic design with everyday functionality. This accessory is remarkably lightweight and simple to attach, ensuring your tumbler remains easy and comfortable to use. Its versatile pumpkin design is perfect for seasonal celebrations or as a unique, functional art piece in your daily routine, adding a special touch to your drinkware.
Prior to purchase, please read through our FAQ page to ensure the best results when using our products.

Our 3D Tumbler Sleeves are available in 2 options:

  • Sleeve Only
    • 1x Sleeve with no tumbler
  • Add On
    • 1x Plump from The Tipsy Magnolia (must add both to your order)

Additional details

*Tumblers only must be purchased through our main Tipsy Tumbler Collection.  Prices here reflect the discount when purchasing the Dimensional Sleeve Bundle.

Fits the following tumblers

  • All Plumps from The Tipsy Magnolia
  • Note: These are the brands we've tested, they may fit other brands, however, we cannot guarantee that they will. 

Prior to purchasing, please read through our FAQ page to ensure the best results when using our products.  Dimensional Drinks sleeves have a lined texture from manufacturing.  To minimize this, coat your sleeve with a thin layer of epoxy or an epoxy alternative.

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