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LIMITED EDITION Wifey Special Fuchia Ombre SS30 Stacking Tray Set

LIMITED EDITION Wifey Special Fuchia Ombre SS30 Stacking Tray Set

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*CAUTION:  Avoid leaving or storing these items at above-room temperatures as it can cause warping.  Items shipped to areas in extreme heat will not be replaced.  Please be aware of possible heat conditions when ordering your items.

Why is it named The Wifey Special? Made as a special request for Jessi Hintze-Drill of Diamond Fire Rhinestones and my "Bling Wifey," we have made this a regular addition to our BOTC Stacking Tray line-up. 

Get one of our custom sets of 8 nesting rhinestone shaker trays made all in SS30 rhinestones grid and one perfect lid for flipping our custom mixes. Pour your stones into the tray and gently shake back and forth where the small ridges help flip the stones right side up.

Each tray has a spout for easy pouring of stones back into their storage container. You can also use the lid to cover and keep them safe (additional lids are available for purchase).

These trays are 3D printed and may contain the odd imperfection as is common with this manufacturing process.  These imperfections will not impact their use. We can also not accommodate choice of the starting and ending rainbow ombre colour of you but can guarantee their beauty will be the colours shown in the pictures.

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