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The Pink Ladies - Specialty Mix

The Pink Ladies - Specialty Mix

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The Pink Ladies of Rydell High always wear pink!

Our tribute to one of my favourite actresses and the movie I grew up with - Grease.  This mix reminds me of the famous Pink Ladies and their boss-babe attitude.  A gorgeous mix of pinks, purples, blacks and pink back crystal for that extra bling that's not just for those Summer Lovin' nights!

Packaged in 50g bags (approx. 1800 pieces) sizes SS3-30.

*** Each mix is hand-curated in batches.  While we take every effort to ensure each batch is the same, colour differences may occur.  To avoid this, please make sure to get enough for each of your projects.

Industrial strength adhesive is recommended when applying your rhinestones.  Be sure to check out our listings of available adhesives.

Note:  Rhinestones are factory-made in large lots one stone size at a time.  This can result in slight colour variations between sizes or entire lots.  We work closely with our supplier to ensure the closest match possible for you, however, if this is a concern for you, please email us and we ensure your items are as close to a match as possible.

Many of our stones have an additional coating on them that gives them their unique appearance. Stones can have an AB or Metallic coating that can show signs of wear over time.  Gentle care should be taken when caring for these stones to ensure their longevity.

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