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Supertite Ninja SuperGrip Adhesive Gel - 15g

Supertite Ninja SuperGrip Adhesive Gel - 15g

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The All-New Ninja SuperGrip is the ultimate adhesive for the most demanding jobs. 30 seconds fix! This is a Non-Toxic, Non-Irritant Adhesive that has ZERO odours and is the ultimate Jewelry Glue. Excellent on leather, gold, silver, precious stones, etc.

To be used on: Foam, Metals, Crystal, Plastics, Leather, Wood and more!

Key Notes: Make sure to wipe and clean the nozzle before closing the cap. Test on different surfaces prior to bonding- users should apply the smallest amount of adhesive possible to the surface to be bonded. A working time of 15-120 seconds can be expected based on the type of substrates being bonded. 

15 g = 60ml of usage. CRYSTAL NINJA approved! Only use small dots of glue for stonework.

Be sure to pick up our syringes for a clean application of adhesive. Sorry but there are no refunds on adhesives.

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