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Supertite Ninja SuperFlex + 3 Static Mixer Tips-10g (.35oz)

Supertite Ninja SuperFlex + 3 Static Mixer Tips-10g (.35oz)

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1 Syringe with Plunger + 3 Static Mixer Tips

Recommended for ADVANCED USE

The All-New Ninja SuperFlex is the ultimate adhesive for the most demanding jobs. Absorbs Vibrations & Impacts. 200x the flex! CrystalNinja Approved! Non-Toxic, Non-Irritant & Foam-safe! 

To be used on: Rubbers, Metals, Crystal, Plastics, Leather, Wood and more! Safe on Skin- will not bond.

Key Notes: Be aware this glue cures fast when using the static mixers. If you wish to slow down the bond time and allow yourself more open work time, then simply do not attach the static mixers and push the 2 part adhesive onto a tray and mix together. Apply the glue with a toothpick for as small of an adhesive application as possible.  Make sure to keep the black seal stopper on the syringe when not in use. Remove the plunger when not using and remove the static mixing tip and twist close the syringe mouth cap to prevent the glue from drying out. When applying and using glue, keep the adhesive moving through the static mixer every 20-30 seconds. To try and keep your static mixing tips in proper working order- attempt to flush or soak the mixing tips in acetone. 

Sorry but there are no refunds on adhesives.

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