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Supertite Fusion-Tack Adhesive - 100ml

Supertite Fusion-Tack Adhesive - 100ml

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INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! Solvent Free! Non-Toxic!

NOTE: This item is recommended to keep from freezing - shipping during the cold months should be considered.

Supertite Fusion-Tack Adhesive is an industrial-strength textile adhesive- goes on white, dries crystal clear. Safe & Non-Toxic, the Fusion-Tack Adhesive is used in the clothing industry to make clothes so it must pass rigorous bonding tests and dries transparent, and is washable, permeable, and permanent. Fusion-Tack is also great on rigid and flexible plastics- perfect for doing rhinestone decorative projects like crystallizing a Tumbler or go all out and cover your coffee maker with crystals using Fusion-Tack!

BONDS: Fabrics, Crystals, Textiles, Synthetic materials, Leather, and Embellishment Projects! Recommended for hemming and Sewing clothes and textiles.

KEYNOTES: KEEP FROM FREEZING. Not to be used on items to be heated or submerged. Do not dry clean. Allow 4-5 days before washing. Wash hands with soap and water after use. No returns on adhesives.

Bonds all Fabrics/Textiles Permanent/Washable Dries Crystal Clear

Use on: Glass, Metal, Plastic & Fabrics.

Be sure to pick up our precision-tip bottles for a clean application of adhesive.

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