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Daydreaming Honeycomb Resin Specialty Mix

Daydreaming Honeycomb Resin Specialty Mix

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This mix has us wishing we could close our eyes and escape into a daydream!  Exclusive to BOTC is this custom-curated resin mix perfect for creating a honeycomb-filled project with all 4mm stones!   Combine it with the coordinating Scatter Mix for a perfect match!

This custom 32g mix package comes in a resealable bag with a stone size of 4mm and a count of approximately 3200 stones.  Caution: there may the odd 5mm stone in there as some escaped on us while we were daydreaming about this mix!

Note: Rhinestones are factory-made in large lots one stone size at a time. This mix is hand-curated and while we do our best to ensure the accuracy of colours between batches, it cannot be guaranteed.  To avoid disappointment, be certain to order enough to complete your project. 

Many of our stones have an additional coating on them that gives them their unique appearance. Stones can have an AB or Metallic coating that can show signs of wear over time. Gentle care should be taken when caring for these stones to ensure their longevity.

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