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SALE Bulk Glow Resin Rhinestone

SALE Bulk Glow Resin Rhinestone

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Glow acrylic resin non-hotfix rhinestones for all your creative projects! Multi-faceted to reflect light and give a little extra bling!  These novelty stones glow for a short period of time after a "charge" under direct light. 

Not to be used as a source of light. Industrial strength adhesive is recommended when applying your rhinestones.  Be sure to check out our listings of available adhesives.

NOTE:  each count is an approximate number of rhinestones.  There may also be the occasional dark inclusion in a stone - this is a natural occurrence in the production of the glow material. 

Rhinestones and pearls are factory-made in large lots one stone size at a time.  This can result in slight colour variations between sizes or entire lots.  We work closely with our supplier to ensure the closest match possible for you, however, if this is a concern for you, please email us and we ensure your items are as close to a match as possible.

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