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Gemifly Bedazzle Shoe Glue

Gemifly Bedazzle Shoe Glue

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Unlike anything you've ever tried before!

Popular adhesives like E6000 are epoxy-based, sticky, gooey, and smelly. They are not permanent and usually take up to 24 hours to cure. Who's got time for that?

Our Advanced-Level bedazzle shoe glue is lightyears ahead of the competition. GEMIFLY Bedazzle Shoe Glue is low-odour and works on a molecular level, fusing H2O molecules into bonding strengths of over 1,500 lbs! 

After putting in all that time and effort, the last thing you want is for gems to fall off immediately. Put your mind at ease and glue with confidence as you transform your next pair of shoes into dazzling works of wearable art!

A special formula was developed for GEMIFLY by Gluemasters in Seattle, Washington, USA.
o   Advanced Formula
o   Highest purity distillation
o   Thick viscosity for more control
o   Up to 1500 cps
o   Impact Resistant
o   Curing speed of 15 seconds for fast assembly 
o   Comes with (10) 20g & (10) 23g precision tips

To be used on: Plastics, Leather, and more!

Key Notes: Make sure to wipe the surface with a damp cloth before applying glue - this adhesive is water activated.  Also, apply a dot 1/2 the diameter of your stone. Test on different surfaces prior to bonding. 

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