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Aleene's Rhinestone Adhesive

Aleene's Rhinestone Adhesive

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Aleenes Rhinestone Adhesive permanently adheres hard-to-hold rhinestones and embellishments to your next crafting project. This multi-surface adhesive dries clear, flexible and permanent, and won’t damage or tarnish embellishments. Use it to adhere jewels, crystals, rhinestones on numerous surfaces such as wood, plastic, shoes and clothing., and more to add sparkle to your projects! Excellent with transparent stones with little to no shadowing (air underneath).

• Dries clear & flexible
• Permanent
• Won't damage embellishments
• Low odor
• Goes on clear and dries clear.

KEYNOTES: Always test for best results.  Apply an even coat to a clean, dry surface.  Let dry 2-4 hours.  For maximum hold, allow 24 hours for glue to cure completely.  Easy cleanup with water when wet.  Hand wash finished projects.  Do not dry clean. Wash hands with soap and water after use.  Sorry, but there are no refunds on adhesives.

Be sure to pick up our precision-tip bottles for a clean adhesive application.

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